Souvenir museum

souvenirs museum established in 2003. In the museum you can see souvenirs from different countries around the World. Part of the souvenirs were brought back by our employees whom were traveling, and most of souvenirs were gladly given to us by visitors who lived here here.


Fossilized wood (USA Arizona)

Fossilized Forest National Park, where you can see fossilized prehistoric trees. 225 million years ago in this area was a forest and river flowed here. Fallen trees river water would carry to the lowlands, swampy areas. Cellulose in the trees were eventually washed out, and crystals began to grow. Thus formed fossilized trees, today lying in the desert. Unfortunately, this protected area is rapidly disappearing.


Matryoshka doll (Russia)

At the end of the nineteenth century Russian empire was at rise in patriotic and distinctive “Russian” art search. That’s how Russian artists created a doll – round face wearing traditional Russian clothes, peasant girl, who was holding a basket with mushrooms, birds or wrapped baby. As is known, this doll can be used as a certain toy “with secret” because the larger detachable doll inside has a smaller doll.

Symbolically this doll was associated with women’s health, and the fullness of motherhood symbolism, and their name comes from the popular Latin woman’s name Matriona, which meant mother, an honorable woman. As time has shown, this simple wooden doll has become a symbol of the country.


Salt (Poland)

Wieliczka salt mines are unique in the world, continuously runing since the thirteenth century. The total length of the tunnels is as much as 300 km, they reach a depth of 327 m. Wieliczka mines reflects the progress of mining technology and development, organization and management of working. In 1980 the “underground world” was included on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list.


Camel (Tunisia)

When traveling to Tunisia toward the Sahara you can feel its power, riding a “Desert boat” – camel, which is one of the main symbols of Tunisia. A camel in the Sahara desert can survive without water for 10 days. The secret lies in the camel’s ability to not sweat. Camel’s body conserves fluids, camel dung has 7 times less of fluids compared to a horse. After reaching the water source camel can drink a huge amount of it. World record – the camel was able to drink 284 liters of water. Camels are widespread in Asia as a pet, but rarely encountered in nature.


Cuddly sheep (Iceland)

Most of the Iceland is taken by mountains and pastures. Where there are no flocks of horses and cows, there are “cuddly” sheep groups or just a few, quietly munching grass and brushwood.
Most of them are free to roam about the pastures and mountains, so often you might meet them by the road. Often you will hear that Iceland is called country of sheeps.

Nowadays, sheep are found in all parts of the world mainly for their wool, fur and meat, and some varieties of sheep for milk used to produce cheese, as well as traditional yogurt, sour cream.



England Westminster clock tower (Big Ben) statuette

Big Ben – one of the world’s largest watch – not by accident is considered not only London but also a symbol of the whole of England. It annually attracts thousands of tourists and curious visitors. Talking about Big Ben, many would say that it is a huge clock, which is in the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament), St. Stefano tower. But few know that it was built for England’s Queen Victoria the 1st when she went to the throne. Big Ben tower height is 96.3 meters. Big Ben is cleaned every five years. In addition, it must be tightened three times a week. During World War II bomb hit the Big Ben tower clock after that the clocl is no longer as accurate.

In 1949 the Big Ben after a big flock of birds landed on minute arrow was delaied by 4.5 minutes. In 1962, Big Ben announced the New Year 10 minutes late because of the huge amount of snow on clock.


Aladin‘s Lamp (Tunisia)

According to the legend of Aladdin, street tomboy, has long been living in the big city with his monkey Abu. When Princess Jasmin secretly leaves the palace, where she is forced to live, she gets to the market, where she encounters with Aladdin. Commanded by evil Jafar, Aladdin is imprisoned and forced to help the Sultan assisstant to find mysterious lamp, which allows him to take over the throne. For Aladdin it is the only chance to marry the princess, whom is required by law to marry only to a prince. The Aladdin lamp remained one of the most distant lands souvenir.


Souvenir wallet with dollars (USA)

The official US currency. US dollar is also widely used as a reserve currency outside the United States. Currently, the United States dollar emission control of the Federal Reserve System. Most commonly used in the United States dollar symbol is the letter S crossed ($). “Dollar” comes from the word “Joahimstaler”, in the sixteenth century coins struck in the silver mines of Joahimstale, the current Czech republic territory name. “Joahimstal” means “Joahimo Valley”.


Rabbit (Norway)

Easter Norwegians are not a family feast, when they all gather, smash and roll Easter eggs, or go to church, but it is a holiday season, when they can escape from the house. During Holy Easter, city streets are empty. Why? For all the country’s inhabitants during the traditional Spring Festival rush to escape from the house. Enjoy the Easter symbols – yellow chicken, yellow flowers, candles and napkins and buy souvenirs. That is the why the rabbit came with us to the hotel to have a holiday in Lithuania from Norway and relax here after a cold winter.


Coral (Hawaii)

Coral reefs has long been regarded as one of the great wonders of the underwater world. While the total global reef area would be equal to about half of the France, they flourished about 25 percent of all organisms found in oceans and marine ecosystems. However, since 1980 they are recognized phenomenon – coral death, caused by global warming factor today is becoming more and more important. Recent scientific research shows that by 2050 all of the world’s reefs will suffer massive annual evanescence. Coral reefs, often called the “sea of tropical forests”, their looks are often deceiving – not only the ancient Greeks, but many people today are wrong to believe that corals are plants. Indeed, this is a very exceptional animals. Coral is a small body, something like jellyfish.

Vodka (Belarus)

Vodka – a strong, usually colorless alcoholic beverage, it is created by distillation of ethanol. In countries where mainly manufactur and use vodka (the so-called “ring of vodka”), it is traditionally produced from grain or potatoes. Vodka is a traditional Eastern European, Scandinavian and Russian drink. Vodka consists of water and ethanol. Traditional Russian, Polish and Lithuanian Vodka usually has 40 alcohol volume. Exactly trace vodka (and its name) of origin is not possible, but most likely it comes from cereals rich region, which now includes Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine and western Russia. Daugelyje šalių, kuriose degtinė yra populiariausia, degtinė vadinama žodžiu, kilusiu iš žodžio degti, deginti: lietuviškai degtinė, latviškai degvīns, suomiškai paloviina, švediškai brännvin, daniškai brændevin, norvegiškai Brennevin (t. y., ‘degantis vynas’), baltarusiškai гарэлка (ir lietuviškai arielka), ukrainietiškai горілка.