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Offers for celebrations

Bachelorette parties, birthdays, gatherings of friends, etc.

Maybe you or your loved ones are planning a bachelorette party? Are you planning a birthday party? Are you meeting friends or just want to have a good time? But there is a lack of ideas on how to make it interesting and unique? Do not worry, because we have as many as 36 offers, which will be chosen according to your budget and preferences with a help of our staff free of charge! Stay at the Apple Economy Hotel, which is strategically located in the heart of Kaunas Old Town and choose your entertainment! During the bachelorette party, you can try everything from a “shisha”, a manicure (not just for women!) or an excursion, to a hot air balloon ride, a yacht or a horoscope. Book 5 rooms for your celebration and receive a fun tour of Kaunas Old Town or the opportunity to stay in a virtual reality as a gift from the Apple Economy hotel team.

Sailing on a yacht
A hot air balloon flight in Kaunas
A laser shooter
A beer tasting
Massages and spas
1. For adrenaline lovers - a laser shooter
2. Fencing lesson - for those who want to try a sport based on a duel with cold weapons, regulated by the competition rules.
3. After all, not only women want to be beautiful - try a manicure or pedicure for men.
4. Kaunas is famous for its abundance of forts - try a tour of the forts
5. You will probably agree that everyone has to know how to defend themselves - visit a self-defense training
6. If you want to try one of the sports of the ancient Greek Olympics - visit Boxing Training
7. Do you like racing? Try carting - one of the types of motorsport racing, when racing in microliter, quad bikes.
8. You love speed and active games where movement and good orientation are important - paintball is just for you!
9. A hot air balloon flight in Kaunas is an opportunity to see the temporary capital from a bird's eye view. Your photos will show you the views of the old town, the castle and the confluence of the rivers.
10. A strip club is a cozy and mysterious place where everyone can immerse themselves in an oasis of dances and pleasures.
11. The make-up lesson is intended for those who want to learn how to do a perfect make-up individually.
12. Interested in brewing technology? Try a beer tasting.
13. Wondering how vodka is actually produced? We invite you to choose the tasting of „Stumbras“ vodka.
14. Do you like the nightlife of the city? Choose from endless nightclubs in Kaunas.
15. Try the only special car and motorcycle ring track in Lithuania, installed in Kačerginė accompanied by a professional.
16. Want to spend the evening royally? Limousine ride is a luxury-filled entertainment for good company!
17. Gambling is one of the biggest entertainment for you? Visit the casino.
18. The card shows energy, but do you know its quality properly and what will it tell you? Try future guessing from the cards.
19. It’s never too late to do what you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Try a helicopter flight!
20. Sailing on a yacht is a great leisure entertainment for lovers of quiet rest and nature.
21. If you want to see a baroque masterpiece, which is located in a picturesque landscape on the shore of Kaunas Lagoon - choose an excursion to Pažaislis Monastery.
22. Do you miss live shows and events? Visit one of the concerts taking place in Kaunas at that time!
23. Want to relax surrounded by oriental scents and flavors? Choose a shisha bar.
24. Massages and spas are a pleasant and meaningful way to relax. Body therapies - full body, back, face massages, massages for two.
25. The sauna is a great way to relax, rejuvenate, gain energy for the whole working week and spend free time in the company of friends or with your family.
26. Water - one of the elements that help you relax the most? Choose the pleasures of the pool for your celebration.
27. Parachuting is an adrenaline rush! Such entertainment is perfect for a person who loves extreme challenges.
28. Paragliding is a real bird's flight, an impression and an emotion for life.
29. Pole dance is a great opportunity to strengthen your body and beautify its lines in the most fun way.
30. Jet skiing is an opportunity to feel the burst of adrenaline, enjoy high speed, large space and freedom that even a sports car will not provide.
31. Want to take the opportunity to stop time and precious moments? A photo shoot is a great way to do this.
32. Visit Old Town Barbers - the first men's barber salon in Kaunas, where men can enjoy a beard trim, get a haircut or even prepare professionally for a wedding.
33. Do you want to be in an artificial environment that is created with the help of software and presented to the user in such a way that the user assimilates this experience as a real environment? Choose to try a virtual reality room.
34. Have you been dreaming of decorating your body with an eternal drawing for a long time? We invite you to get a tattoo from the best tattoo masters in Kaunas.
35. Do you dream of revealing a goddess in you? Belly dance helps to reveal femininity, grace, has a great impact on a woman's health and passionate life.
36. Escape and puzzle rooms will make you turn your heads and help arouse curiosity!

For Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, matchmaking and other occasions that symbolize love

Surely you know there is never too much love! Therefore, we offer to grab a smart and inexpensive room for two at the Apple economy hotel, located in the Old Town of Kaunas, without waiting for anything. Surround yourself and your loved one with the coziness of Kaunas Old Town, impressive architecture, historical objects, delicious food and most importantly LOVE. Surprise-gifts will be waiting for everyone who stays.


Book 5 rooms for your celebration and receive a fun tour of Kaunas Old Town or the opportunity to stay in virtual reality.

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